Café du Lys: La Hipster

Escribiendo en un cuaderno hecho a mano con papel de lino traído de Suiza con una pluma alemana mientras se toma su expreso en una taza de papel biodegradable con leche de soya orgánica, la hipster se me queda viendo.

Hoy qué hice?

Escribe furiosamente en una hoja de papel, la arranca (pobres los arbolitos dirá en sus adentros), la dobla, se pone de pie y camina hacia mi. Viéndome a los ojos pone la hoja de papel en la mesa y se va del café.



It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. Technology, playing an essential role in our lives, has promised to release us from long, tedious and repetitive tasks. But in exchange, technology has altered our minds and our bodies; it has made us impatient, dumb and lazy.

An example on proving how technology has made us impatient is the internet, we want fast and accurate information, when we need it and without looking any further.

When explaining how technology makes us dumb is at cooking, we no longer have to learn how to cook certain foods, since they can be ordered by the phone, heated in a microwave or opened from a can.

As to show how technology makes us lazy, we have various remotes in our house, we barely move a muscle when changing a channel opening a garage door or even starting the car.

It’s not all bad, I am sure that farmers are thankful for the tractors and accountants for the calculators that have made their lives easier. They no longer have to plough the field in the sweltering heat or pour over tedious sums. Their work is easier and therefore in that aspect their lives are better.

However, these changes have also affected other parts of their lives. The farmer is no longer as resilient and the accountant might not be as sharp. Inadvertently, their dependence on technology has made them less competent in the roles that these technologies have taken over.

We are risking the aptitudes of our own body and mind, our power to adapt and learn in abrupt situations in order to have simpler lives.






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    Arely Chamalé

    Desnudémonos entonces de los avances cuando bien sabido es que el problema no es el objeto sino el uso que se le da al mismo. -No puede ver un documental en canal random y prostituir una teoría y entonces anda diciendo que ésto y lo otro, sin bases justas o por lo menos, reales.-((sarcasmo))