Café du Lys: El ensayo del gringo

Un gringo con cara de importante escribe con intensidad en un cuaderno.
Se detiene, arranca la hoja, la hace una bola y la avienta al aire, casualmente cae en mi mesa.

Si no estoy con ganas de ver lo que dice, estaría mintiendo. Descaradamente desarmo la bola de papel y empiezo a leer.

The conscience dictates honest endeavor. It rejects the selfishness of greed and the vanity of celebrity. It is more simple to be a moral person (even though is treated as an unimportant matter) than to lose oneself in selfish and sudden desires. But, as all cases, it depends on the person.

The higher his consciousness the more attuned he is to his superego. Therefore he can be driven to seek the greater good for the majority of the people and he will not stop nor be satisfied unless he achieves this goal. The lower man seeks only to gratify himself and his lower form of ego- and here in this category can you see the glory seeker- the man who is convinced that his success depends on his power position, his wealth and his fame.

Sadly, an everyday case can be a perfect example: when seeing a mother, who is in a financially safe future for her and her children, yet lives with an abusive husband, she has the choice: to stay, having the wealth, the comfort, the social status, but remaining with the humiliation and abuse to her and her children; or to leave him and lose the wealth and comfort of her surroundings and start over by herself in order to protect her children.

Yet, often doing the right thing is often influenced by the circumstances and the effects from society. Most people want to do the right thing, but social pressure will tip the balance one way or another. If you are on the fence about putting yourself out there, and social pressure makes it look worth doing good, you are more likely to do good, but if it makes you look bad for wanting to do good, then you are less likely to do it.





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    Entramos pues en ese tema tan detestado por muchos pero que crea más discusiones en soliloquios que otros temas, quizá de mayor importancia, pero no por hoy. ¿Qué es entonces lo que está bien? ¿Asegurar pues un bienestar hoy o tener visión en una sociedad miope?,